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ONE-TIME payment of only $ 19.95!

  • Get the access to special editions of AOG games
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  • Help us to develop and sponsor Independent Games
  • Earn discounts and special promotions on our games
  • No ADS top-under games

We do not ask for a monthly subscription, but a single donation
that will help us to develop better games for you.



Here are some reasons why it may be worth becoming a supporter of "Age of Games":

  1. You'll have access to Special Supporter Editions of the Games
  2. Supports the development of our games:
    with your help we will have the resources to improve them to the maximum
  3. Discounts and special promotions in the coming games, products and services that we develop and publish
  4. No ADS! We will remove the damn banner ads from the pages of the games
  5. You will give us the opportunity to sponsor and publish more games of other brave independent developers
  6. On your user profile you will receive the Magic Age of Games Supporter Crown supporterCrownthat will give you a long, prosperous and happy life! (Or so the magician of the court assured us)
  7. Gifts, gifts, gifts: we squeeze our brains every day to bring you something exclusive to thank you for your help (special quests, secret levels, special achievements, new images for your profile, etc.)
  8. Your Supporter Status will be valid Forever
  9. You will help a group of crazy independent developers, who sacrifice soul and body every day, to achieve a big dream: Conquer the World... with games (What nonsense... or maybe not)

If you are not convinced with this torrent of words and offers, trying to resist this symbol of our human condition