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Rating: 1.25/5 - 8560 Giocate
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Genre: Adventure, RPG

The last thing you remember is receiving an unsatisfying answer. During your plunge through the fundamental chaos, something goes terribly wrong and you are suspended in a nothing-space among strange and alien beings.



Move with the arrow keys and interact with X (controls are customizable).




#3 fergusferret 2014-01-20 16:16
lots of strange things going on in this game and no real idea what is supposed to be done through most of it. it appears that to deal with the different rooms and requirements you have to find the right combination of talking to characters but most of them make no sense at all. the graphics could have been better and some idea of the order of things could also have helped.

#2 earth 2014-01-19 21:14
dumb game w/o any info what to do and talking to ppls doesn't help much, simple controls, nice b&w graphics.

overall ok game but some info what to do would be nice (I got enuf after few attempts to mix up things).
#1 MisterD 2014-01-19 10:23
Basic adventure game with rooms to navigate, things to collect and people to see.

The controls are simple enough, but I did not like the graphics style of the game. I found the plot and names had the usual level of over-the-top nonsense thrown in too.

Might appeal if you like adventure games, but not for me.


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