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If You Break Themmorale Goes Up

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If You Break Themmorale Goes Up
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If You Break Themmorale Goes Up
Sabato, 18 Luglio 2020


I think it costs too much since the rights are owned by the broadcasting channels to their graphics. So Madden only makes some of their own that's much like a lot of these in a way. If they had a grip on making Madden NFL 21 amazing, they would have those pictures and also have broadcast teams phoning Mut 21 coins. Romo and nantz on Madden are fun, I really would not turn off the commentary. I agree to an extent on the licensing piece. They might make their very own banner ads that are distinct, why would bother, but I figure? Also commentating would suck regardless of the IMO that is announcers. The programming behind it is why they seem so robotic, particularly compared to FIFA & NBA 2k. The coolest feature in Madden 21 that nobody talks about If you win the Super Bowl? You get to rewatch the cutscene from the last 7 Maddens. That is what I like to phone CONSISTENCY. I DONT. I wan na na win the Super Bowl? And see 1 player handle the other player in bash and then wanna see the trainer and QB take turns holding up the Lombardi Trophy on stage exactly the exact same exact way, and I want to see the identical confetti fall from the sky. I want the abrupt end. It's the benefit. I definitely dont feel stupid whenever I purchase Madden and see the exact same exact cutscene each moment. I feel n that is smart that is large joyful. Me not only dumb consumer, and this is known by EA. EA care of creating match, it clear. No additional studio does so because they are dumb and want to"innovate" and give the consumer"something new and exciting" in exchange for their hard earned money. Only big idiot losers have ethics. I hope other studios take note of this and apply precisely the same consistency into their Madden NFL. What about the fact that none of those players on the sidelines to either team are players on the team? I found stick skinny white participant with the amount 96 on his jersey (no name), but the guy who had that amount was a 300lb black guy with dreads. EA is idle. Your sideline gamers are huge guys with massive guts or skinny guys who are so thin that wind can blow over them. And they do synchronized reactions. This could be acceptable in Madden 08 but it's just pathetic in Madden 21 to have this still. This is the reason I'm done with madden. I loved it when I had been my sim league, however there certainly were a lot of elite players and I was sick of grinding out 9-7 like I'm the Dolphins. The lead up to cheap Madden nfl 21 coins felt like any other game, and the super bowl celebration was trash. What's the purpose? Had never heard of the man and have not seen him call a match. Really adds to the"bogus" feeling of madden. Check out for more details.


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