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Bugzilla is a Strategy war game, but you call it another kind of tower defend if you like. Playable with only mouse, and require an agile fingers to play.







1.New game, start new game. This option would also delete your saved games if there’s any.

2.Continue, continue your last saved games.

3.Tutorial, contains series of animated picture and short explanation about the game. I promise it would be quick and not killing you.

4.Game Guide, Contains links to game guide on Bugzilla’s official site.

5.Credits, Lists of the whole team behind Bugzilla

6.Behind The Scene, The story when it all starts. Tells you about what software development really are.

7.Photo Gallery, Contains real photos of friends on software development house. Real person, real story, real memories.

8.More Games, play more great games at Age Of Games sites.








● Option panel

Provide options to adjust sound and music volume, restart the level and back to main menu.








● Developer panel

Here you can select and arrange which developer you want to take with. Navigate with prev and next button. Having headache on arrange them? Try the auto button which directly arranges your developer.







● Developer panel

Another development panel placed on the bottom. On the left, there’s a portraits of developer and its attributes, while on the right, listed all developer you take with. Each job can only take place where they allowed to. There’re 5 kinds available and each job can’t seat on another jobs seat. On the main game play, you have to click developer in this panel before assign him a bug.



● Client panel

This panel lists all clients available and the time, placed on the very top of the screen. You could see the client number on the head. Different client, different bugs produced.




● Developer

What do we do without developer? Doomed. Yes, that’s right. Developer is divided into 5. Each job has its own part to work. And together they perform a great way to make really good software.

There are 5 kinds of developer, which is:


Programmer is the backbone of software development house. Without them, every planning is nothing. Programmers were dealing with code and have strong logic. Most developer knows database too, but not as good as System Analyst. So when you ran out of DBA, you could randomly pick programmer and do DBA’s job.


Great software is nothing if we can’t check the report to compare. Reporter is damn important. Reporters fight the reporter bug every day, and since most programmers don’t know how to make report, it makes reporter were irreplaceable. Be careful.

3.Quality Assurance (QA)

Quality Assurance responsible to test the programs for error. It’s better to know our own mistake before the client does. They could be very pissed off. So, every time programmer or reporter finishes their job, QA take the lead and start scanning for error.

4.System Analyst (SA)

Great team without great concepts is useless. SA has the most responsible above all. Every other job does what SA led them to. So, of course no one could replace SA well.

5.Business Analyst (BA)

Business process could be the most important of the program. BA responsible for the business process of the program and consulting to client.

6.Database Administrator (DBA)

DBA responsible to uploading the work of every one to the server and maintain it. But most of his work could be learnt by programmer or SA. So when you ran out of DBA, just replace it with SA or even programmer.


There are 5 attributes of Developer which is:

1.Application, representing programmer’s work. Most understand by programmer. But could also be done by reporter, System Analyst (SA), or even Database Administrator (DBA).

2.Report, representing reporter’s work. The skill of finishing and maintain report section.

3.Business, representing Business Analyst’s work. The understanding of business flow.

4.System, representing System Analyst work. The understanding of technical process.

5.Verification, representing Quality Assurance’s work. The skill to detect errors.

6.Database, representing Database Administrator’s work. The skill to upload and database stuff.


● Client

One only reason we don’t draw the client into a cartoon, is because they talk and angry almost all the time. Image it if we draw their faces on this game. Boom...

Okay, back to the topic. There’re 6 clients with each bug specialist. Client number 1 summon bug number 1, client number 2 summon bug number 2, and so on. Just see the number on their heads, higher the number means the bug going to be harder.



There are 5 kinds of bugs. Each bug has its own attributes. There are:



The most effective ways to kill a bug is assign the developer which has almost the same attributes in the NEW phase. Bug itself has 5 phases. Each phase can be finished by everyone. But the most effective way is use appropriate developer.


This is a new bug. Use between Programmer, Reporter, Business Analyst, or System Analyst to finish this phase based on the bugs status.


Only use Quality Assurance. His job is to verify the developer on the new phase.


Database Administrator is the most suitable job to finish bug in this phase. But consider to use System Analyst, Programmer, or Reporter as an alternate.


Wait for a second before bug in this phase blown to pieces.



Client produce bugs, AND you have to kill it until client stop produce the bugs.

Click and Click

Click developer on the panel on the bottom screen, the photo of your developer clicked would be stick on your cursor. Then you could click on any bugs on the field. Later there would be a progress bar shows how far do your developers finish their task. You could assign more than one developer to fight one bugs altogether.

Stress level

When developer is on the bottom panel, they stress level increase. It has 3 phases:

1.Normal, their background photos would be blue.

2.Stress, their background photos would be red.

3.Mental Sickness, their background photos would be blinking between red and blue.

Mental sickness means that he/ she would be unavailable and automatically returned back to the developer panel and start to regain their sanity.



Z:Open left panel (options)

X:Open right panel (developer)

M:Mute/un-mute sound

P:Pause/un-pause the game