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Fantasy Kommander - Eukarion Wars (UD) (view all articles)
Written by Fabio   
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16th of October 2013


we're only a week to the release of Fantasy Kommander - Eukarion Wars.

Today Wargamer.com has published an exclusive interview that you can not miss!

The success of this project is in your hands, so if you think that we did a good work and you like what we do please help us to SPREAD the VOICE in the web and to the world!


Let the WAR of EUKARION Begin!




-1 #2 reddog000 2013-12-11 13:32
Excellent interview. A lot of info about yourself and the team. Also how the game was thoughtfully put together.

I purchased a boxed copy to show support for this project and HOPEFULLY ;) some incredible fantasy combat in the future...a.k.a. sequels and expansions!!!

I am old school and one of my favorite all time games was Fantasy General by SSI. FKEW takes me back to the good ole days. Besides TBS games RULE!

Have not gotten a chance to play the game yet but I cannot wait to enter Eukarion!
+1 #1 Pastrami 2013-10-08 15:56
Great interview. I had no idea about your background in history and how carefully and insightfully built your world based on that. That alone makes the game that much more interesting. Can't wait!

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