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Saturday, 29 August 2020


That reminds me there is another theme where it seems like the beings are connected and cause a feedback affect. Telos and the heart, Elidnis and the river, all the desert monkeys dropped one of their senses when Apmeken did, the crocodiles became greedy when Crondis did, and when Het was lost, people started to have health. So here is my theory. The template is an artifact that can use more or 1 creatures/things as blue prints to generate new things/beings. The template will be for taking the elements of items they wanted and combining them to make something new with the possessions of both 36, where the mirror was for replicating things throughout world creation. I'm skeptical, to make Elidnis from the river although the template was used by someone, perhaps Tumeken. Maybe no one used it even perhaps the artifact kind of has been running and created its own thing. When Tumeken fulfilled with Elidnis he discovered and gained control of this template. The two wanted kids so that they used a part of these, a cat, and a dog in the template to make Amascut and Icythlarin. These beings thus possessed attributes of the creatures they had been established but also some electricity in. After on for reasons not known to us his essence was used by Tumeken with the template and 4 additional animals. Scarabs Monkeys to make this desert pantheon's lesser gods, and Humans. Their kids were permitted to stay and Guthix banished Elidnis, although afterwards Tumeken blew himself. The gods foiled her plans so she needed to do something although amascut seized her chance to attempt to bring war and destruction to the desert. The template I believe had a negative effect where the creature used to create it could have its consequences responses in to things that share its elements. By making so Het plagues and weakening health started to effect the desert people closest to him. If she hurt Apmeken desert monkeys also felt that the impact of lost sight, sound, or address. When she made Crondis greedy it turned out that the crocodiles greedy. However she could never locate Scabaras so she had to resort to a strategy to try and corrupt them. In this way the gods who brought peace to the desert brought destruction. It moved a step further though, Amascut used the template directly herself. She blended and voice of Apmeken and it utilizing the template to create those three evil monkey monsters and took her own essence that was corrupt.RuneScape Demographics Analytics Let's us to read OSRS gold information on https://www.rsgoldfast.com/


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