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Thursday, 20 August 2020


So I've been thinking about who they could perform for Level Masters this year and MUT Master. I believe this will be the year they return to crime for the MUT Master after three decades of Defensive masters (which have been amazing especially because of the feeling that these cards were tributes to players that unfortunately had their careers cut short or left a sacrifice). I would love to listen to suggestions from y’ all, although I can't think of an offensive player that meets that criteria! I feel like those are all big enough titles to create some enthusiasm, but it is not taking too much to provide them to us at no cost. Again these are men that are marquis, but they're not named Randy Moss. I feel like he's the 1 Wide Receiver which they would not give at no cost. I don't think they would do a tight end, but if they do it is either Tony G. Or Shannon Sharpe. Out of all of these men, the one I'd like to view most as MUT Master would have to be Steve Smith, Earl,or even Marshawn. I would also be pleased with one of these guys. For your Level Master I think it's gonna go defense and more than probably be a linebacker or defensive back. Of these players that I highly doubt because we've had a security mut Master 2/3 years 22, it will be a security. I could see it being than anything else, and I doubt they would give us Deion or NTL here. Of those corners I listed, I'd place my money on Champ or Rod. If they proceed with another place, I want to see them go with Urlacher or even Patrick Willis, however that I won't be surprised if this can be Shaziers card this year. I doubt that they give a team captain two decades right to him, and I could see Level Master unless they make him a Journey player. For Team Captains, I believe they'll go with pretty much any of the players I've listed except for the running backs or safeties. My dream situation for Captains is a listing of Captains from each team, but I doubt that they do this, so I'd love to find these men. The Front Seven Captain is the one I've got narrowed down the least. I wouldn't anticipate a Marshall degree master because I believe that in the past couple maddens they have done only retired players/players that wouldn't naturally get an upgrade(shaz). Beast mode may retire so I am not sure he would be chosen by them, but he's come out of retirement. I would not be surprised if it is an RB such as earl Campbell, and my guess that I've had for a while is Terrell Davis. I get what you're saying. Marshawn is only on my dream list for MUT Master. I believe he and Kam are the two least likely to get a card this season. I would love to see if they do not go Broad Receiver Earl get it. I am still not sure if he has I looked it up and ESPN said that he is in talks with Seattle to get a return but was in May. Additionally he has come out of retirement. And while Kam would be amazing I'm not positive whether they would give it to 2 safeties in a row so I'm hoping it's a corner. Yeah I really don't think it would be got by Kam. I could see him becoming a captain if they have the rights. I would like Journey Experts to be men like Eric or even Shaz Berry that are on their trip back to the league. It could be great if they did it correctly, although I could see it being a bad habit. Yeah those all would be players that are great hopefully they provide them cards. Shaz is going to be given a card one way or another which is good cause he is a beast(maybe gauntlet so he updates throughout the year) but Eric berry warrants a good card and kam will be good. More Mut 21 coins information on https://www.mmoexp.com/Nfl-21/Coins.html


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