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Stalagg was a server at the start

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Stalagg was a server at the start
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Stalagg was a server at the start
Wednesday, 12 August 2020


I am so sorry. I started playing WoW in 2012 and classic gold wow also while the cracks were showing, most of it was incredibly good and I was happy playing until the newest growth. It's sad that you started in the latest expansion as well as you understand the main issue. They focus on what is large and bombastic rather than on that which makes sense. The stakes are raised so large that there aren't any longer stakes. They allegedly wish to improve the brand new player experience by forcing them into a new beginning zone and then to the BfA questing zones, but I've got my doubts about being simpler to understand... I don't mind grinding, but I feel as the reward must feel meaningful and continue for quite a while. So that just is not occurring in modern WoW. While I do like WOW Classic more, it's difficult to recommend it to people on a large post about the horrific customer support, lol. Thanks for leaving your ideas! In all honesty, the whole WOW Classic community is this a contradictory mess. I wouldn't argue that the customer support was great or that they haven't badly mishandled things (ex. That the Blitzchung jumble, a handful of changes made for WOW Classic) but they also have to deal with a playerbase which can be incredibly entitled and toxic. I offer several options at the end if you'd rather bypass to those, but if you do have a moment I recommend beginning at the start. I am the GM of DZ (DANGER ZONE), that is a guild currently residing on Incendius. We started out on Stalagg in the launch of WOW Classic. Herod was really the server that we had coordinated to land on with several other guilds. But, queue times along with a gloomy faction balance caused us not to roll there. Stalagg was a server at the start. It was about 55/45 Horde favorite. It did have queue occasions nevertheless. Shortly after launching (September 3rd Source) free transfers were offered. Faction balance largely remained intact because it seemed both sides dropped an equal number of WOW players. This went on for a couple of weeks and it became evident that the Alliance were losing WOW players compared to Horde which led to Heartseeker being Alliance dominant. In the end it was about 33/66 Horde favored. The transfers were only getting started, although is not something that is impossible to overcome. Just before the launch of World Bosses along with the Honor system the next wave of transports occurred on November 8th (Supply ). From the time the weekend ended the floor had given out on a lot of buy wow classic gold the Alliance population. With fear of being camped worse than they were Alliance and more population's leveling. On November 11th they left free transfers faction special to Horde (Source). It was far too late. We had been asked to make a decision for 80+ people in three days. More mywowgold information on https://www.mywowgold.com/Wow-classic-Gold.html


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