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Real money trading using server transfers

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Real money trading using server transfers
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Real money trading using server transfers
Wednesday, 05 August 2020


This is sadly a matter of game design and individual psychology that I can not even fathom answering. That having been said, here are the problems we confront with transfers: Skewed Alliance/Horde ratios leading to wow classic gold boom-bust servers. (Stalagg, Skeram, and now Incendius).Real money trading using server transfers. Transferring low level personalities for $25 from a deceased server where funds are simple to farm to a higher pop server which is more aggressive. People today use these transfers to mule around big ticket items like edgemasters and cloudkeeper legplates in an effort to increase a gold seller's inventory of gold on servers which are more difficult to farm gold that the conventional way. Botting and Multiboxing (This is already a huge post, and I think this one deserves attention, just not here). The third point deserves some explanation, and that I hope that the Devs are taking appropriate steps to eliminate this possible issue. There will be hosts that have the materials ready to turn daily 20, when the war effort begins. This is nothing but. And with forms and spreadsheets it makes it super simple to track all the materials that are necessary. For instance, Firemaw (EU) has projected turn ins every day and goals that they need to hit before July 15th. It is looking quite promising for them to be able to do it on day 1. Why are they doing? Because they are players playing a game which was our for years now. Because they could. The reason for concern is that you are looking at an expected boom-bust scenario again if we use history as some guideline. The gates open on Server A inside the first week - Many alliance/horde guilds move there - High Queue times ensue - free transports open up along with the lower faction leaves instantly. The only answer to this is really a warfare attempt that is time-gated. It appears so obvious but I've a feeling it will be shouted down with small but vocal minority of #nochanges WOW players. I'm all ears, if there are different options. Quite frankly, much more care needs to be taken when discharging transfers that are free. It's torpedoed two servers I have played on now, and I'm tired of losing sleep because I have to play 4D chess with server selection on a regular basis. That which I see as a remedy is faction based server locks. You cannot transfer to a server with a personality that is part of the faction with more 60 percent of the total participant population. Full servers are secured indefinitely. And there's buddies. Should they wish to move to a locked server then make a very simple necessity of being Actual ID friends for more than a month. Another solution could be restricting the amount of logged into accounts from one location. This goes more after problem 4 outlined previously. That is why it actually can not be considered. Bring layering. Layering somewhat created the problem we still have now with many full servers. It created a false sense of buy classic wow gold what the server's people was. When it came to crunch time with phase 2 it then became obvious that layering kept too many people about the server. Everything seemed fine because there wasn't a queue so people kept making characters there. That is why layering is just kicking the can down the road. More mywowgold information on https://www.mywowgold.com/Wow-classic-Gold.html


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