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Dead Content To Be Eliminated

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Dead Content To Be Eliminated
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Dead Content To Be Eliminated
Thursday, 23 July 2020


So here's an idea. I sort of like the idea of clans fighting with each other to control some of the best content in RuneScape. It compels against the societal aspect of the experience and provides interesting dynamics. What sucks is that due to the scenario NO ONE else could really do Revs. It would be fine if a lower risk was reward Rev that is lower cave. Like when the risk place that is high was retained by them as is and enabled for the ones that want to still experience the content to attend a place in singles where there is some PKing but it's far easier because ofc no multi. But as a transaction off the fall rates are worse than the multi player ones. I think that would be a compromise. Ofc the RWT facet is a whole nother story that has to be dealt with on its own. Put in single like they had been on forinthry dungeon release in rs2. Rev caves passed a survey in November 2017 and the dev site (oct 2017) stated they wanted it to be similar to the cave with a few"minor tweaks" - creating the whole dungeon multi rather than half and half is not a minor tweak. At the time after the caves were inserted to osrs, Jmods just said"oh can you provide us a copy of the map from back then? They assert theyre there for security but youre paying so you can use the world with no guys youre paying from killing you. Im not saying that"racketeering" in game is illegal. I only wanted to make a comparison but some folks thought I was implying their business is liek illegal in some way.It's racketeering. Clans hold an area and kill anyone who comes around unless you pay them not to kill you down. Thats different from the mob busting up stores. The question is whether this is appropriate behaviour. It's a multi place from the wilderness in a game which wishes to promote cooperation and clans. As Jagex anticipated/encouraged, just because it is racketeering does not necessarily mean the clans aren't behaving. I believe this view is most appropriate. It is racketeering... at a video game. A MMO for that matter, which is about interaction and collaboration with others. It is people who think it is ok to buy and market gp for cash that is real that's against the rules. I think that it's funny people are behaving like you are wanting players. I believe people forget because things like racketeering are acts that affect people in ways that are harmful IRL laws are in place. No, nobody will arrest you to do so in RuneScape. That doesn't mean it is a scheme. Yeah it was kinda odd but I guess my tone kinda seemed like I called these people scum. I think overall it is somewhat healthy for RuneScape because its better than clans just up locking average players out of the rev caves and gives people reasons to roam the seas and maintain the rev PvMers in check thus that there arent like 50 people on each planet and just further destroy the market for several of the rev drops.When the last Participant logs into RuneScape Check out www.rsgoldfast.com for more details.


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