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If Not Thousands Of Hours

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If Not Thousands Of Hours
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If Not Thousands Of Hours
Friday, 17 July 2020


That. The entire point of OSRS gold is for the time you've spent in it to be recorded by it and then hold that on your face as a ransom to keep you spent. Guess how you feel if you quit and then get a max cape? "I could have had maximum cash by now","I could have experienced X pet by today", blah blah blah etc. etc., and all of the while you are not even progressing any sort of ability in RuneScape such as you do in other games (simple examples are FPS games and Fighting games, both of which reward your time investments together with you getting better in them). You can not"get better" in RS, it is just a little 3D trophy case with vacant slots that goad you into giving it more of your time. BBC article from 2007 about RuneScape They went from among the games away all time, to killing commerce off, and carrying out the wildly and nearly killing off RuneScape at under a year. Not to mention, almost once EoC came out killing off it again. Commerce and wildy's elimination, I am willing to accept. Nobody knows how bad it was, maybe they really were very close to getting cut off from payment procedures. I don't agree with it and I believe it still wasn't a fantastic descision but I've been able to make peace with it. EOC on the other hand was a total shitshow and should never have happened. What they thought. If people wanted a MMO they would have been playing this, not RuneScape. While yes it was warranted. It definitely did not solve the issue entirely. Gold farms stopped. All it did was turn players into botting to get XP. (I may or may not have botted gold at living stone caverns). Honestly me worries for the longevity of osrs. Jagex did not make EOC trigger fuck us. They legitimately believed it'd help RuneScape longterm. And it might have. With the present system in place there is just so much that you can do to help pvm. Which is possibly the focus. And EOC opened so much doors to pvm up and likely has the best pvm between them both. While RuneScape is booming right now. In a couple of years the main focus of RuneScape might begin feeling for alot of people and could tank the population. I have never played old school runescape buy gold but I have played lots of WoW to be able to comprehend the potential that sort of fight has. You can do a lot more with this, as the programmer. I think they've done an unbelievable job with pvm in OSRS despite the extreme constraints of the frame of RuneScape. It is frankly really impressive. Because pvm was flat out boring, in RS2 I played pk. Check out www.rsgoldfast.com for more details.


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