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With the Ideal individuals the REC is the best mode in 2k20

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With the Ideal individuals the REC is the best mode in 2k20
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With the Ideal individuals the REC is the best mode in 2k20
Friday, 03 July 2020


I've been enjoying 2k for years and I really don't think I've had this much fun with NBA 2K20 before. During quarantine run some 2k with my friends and I decided to make a my participant and we receive a squad of 5 and hit the rec. When we started we were very bad, like losing almost every game, turning the ball right and left. Finally we figured it out and figured out to perform with each other and how to control at the rec. It took us to genuinely discover the squad. My friends wanted to make builds that wanted to play with with a play style and complemented each other. We chose to choose little ball, run and gun, type offense's Houston Rockets method and it's been fun. We score steadily beat teams by 20 + and roughly 80 points a game. Our pace allows to simply out run and out score another team although we do give a great number of points up. Significant man play well against us we gladly give post up up. Requires a lot of ball movement communication, and gamers with the ability to green consistently. You'll be unstoppable at the rec if you have down those things. Below is the line up we run, just wanted to share because I've had such a blast playing especially the drama style we play, the rec. PG: usually my slash playmaker. Avg about 22 PTS and 8 AST. The flooring is spaced out and since my teammates can shoot it gives me a great deal of room to iso and attack the basket. If they decide to assist I could kick out to a few of my shooters who'll knock it down. I try to help the rebound that is large on defense since the players tend to escape for transition buckets. G: (2 way sharp, offensive threat, scoring system ): these spots are filled with a few diff guy we perform. Act as a ball handler that is secondary and these players tend to take well. Both ways are fire at the pass lane and both get a bunch of steals. They flow in transition to get buckets. F: (elongate playmaker) normally run with my boy friend who plays a PF stretch play (duke Dennis construct ) and when he left it he was planning on being a secondary ball handler kind of man but has become a spot up sniper. Sits in wings and corner and just chops. He is usually our 5 and being guarded since he is a PF. He is open all the time and find some great looks. Avg like 23 points on 60 percent. Like a pure sharp, prob could of made the build a little differently so as to cater his play 24, pretty plays but he makes it work just fine. Big: (rebounding wing, paint beast) We don't think in facilities, too slow can not space nicely enough and we are able to hold down our own low just nice. The big for us is the wing. He functions as that Draymond pj tucker role that is green. Rebs, plays great p, and spaces the ground. Heis a sniper and's able to bang. Does it all avg like 11/9/5/3/3. The paint beat is a Rodman can play defense and build, little athletic. Can't take but is able to fin in pace offense just fine. See a great deal of people shitting on the rec, but from my experience with the people it is my fav component of NBA 2K20. Have as much fun playing with my buddies just needed to share and give some enjoy to the REC.My thoughts 2k20 - I Want to know if you agree or disagree. More information about NBA 2K20 in https://www.mmoexp.com/Nba-2k20/Mt.html


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